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 Owen's Pokémon Adventure

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PostSubject: Owen's Pokémon Adventure   Sat Jan 24, 2009 1:41 pm

Chapter 1: The Adventure Starts Here!

Owen was dreaming, half asleep, half awake. He was dreaming about himself, a few years from now, he was a few years older. He was standing in a stadium. It was massive, he was standing in a rectangle, the rectangle was a brownish colour, a sandy ground. Opposite him was a pokemon trainer, there was a referee standing outside the rectangle, but in the middle, half way between the two battlers. Owen couldn’t see who he was battling, but he knew who it was.
‘Deon, you came all this way, to be crushed by me.’ Owen said. The man opposite Owen laughed.
‘Don’t be sure little brother!’ The stadium changed now there were seats all around the trainers. Crowds of people were screaming. The atmosphere was ecstatic. Cheers from the crowds grew louder. The crowds cheers started to merge into one voice.
‘Owen, Owen.’ Owen opened his eyes, there was his mum. She had like pink hair, not knowing the natural colour of his mother’s hair. She showed no sign of ageing but her wisdom was like a wise man’s.
‘Hi mum.’ Half asleep still Owen wasn’t fully awake until his mum uttered these words.
‘Happy Birthday darling.’ Owen was now awake and rearing to go! 13 Now he could start his pokemon adventure!
‘Mum! I’m 13 I can start my adventure and…’ His mum butted in.
‘Not without eating some breakfast first or opening your presents.’

A few minuets later Owen was downstairs in his pyjamas sat at the table, eating some cereal. The kitchen was painted a peachy colour. And the appliances were a dull silver same with the worktop. Owen was sitting opposite his mother.
‘I will go and get your presents.’
‘Thanks mum.’ This is it, all the waiting about to be over he was 13 his adventure starts here he had to get something cool. A few minuets later His mum returned with the birthday presents.
‘Well I will let you pick what one you want to open first.’ Owen was getting very excited and picked the box with blue wrapping paper. His mum looked at him and said ‘good choice.’ Owen slowly unwrapped the present to find 3 boxes stacked on top of each other. All white but with a different coloured lid, the lid colours were, red, blue, and a light green. Owen removed the red lid, to reveal clothes. There was a black and red striped t-shirt, with a black and red waistcoat with short sleeves. There were black trousers made up of waterproof material with lots of pockets. These were complete with fingerless gloves. In the other boxes, it was the same typical clothes, just different colours. Hence coloured lids of the boxes. So Owen had a red and black outfit, and green and silver outfit and a blue and silver outfit.
‘Thanks mum!’ Owen said with glee. His mother started to smile.
‘You remind me of Deon when he started his adventure.’ Deon was Owens older brother. He was 16 and started his adventure in Kanto 3 years ago when Owen was 10. At that time Owen Deon and there mother lived in Kanto and Owen and his mum moved away to Johto later that year because Owens mother wanted a change of scenery. Owen didn’t know his dad. He was told, by his mum, that his dad got kidnapped by the villainous gang Team Rocket but they don’t know that for sure. When they had lived in Kanto Owen got to know Professor Oak, Owen would help out at the lab for some extra pocket money. ‘Do you want to open another present?’ Owens mum asked.
‘Yeah please mum!’ This time Owen picked the small box, covered in red wrapping paper. After ripping the wrapping paper off violently, he saw the word Poke Nav. Nearly every trainer had Poke Nav it was a watch, a radio, a map, and a phone all rolled into one. They came in many colours Owen’s Poke Nav was silver. ‘Mum this is so cool! Thanks!’ Owen was delighted with the presents he had received so far.
‘Why don’t you go and get changed into your clothes, Professor Elm wants to see you in under an hour.’ Owen did what he was asked, went upstairs and showered. After he got changed into his new red and black outfit. And put his Poke Nav on his waste. He looked himself up and down when facing his mirror. His long hazelnut hair was just above his eyes. He smiled and said.
‘Well 13, I’m grown up just to think, later on today I will have my very own pokemon.’ Owen had grown up with pokemon in the household his mum once owned a Meowth but had been kidnapped by Team Rocket and what they had heard been given to the leader.

Owen went downstairs and opened the rest of his presents, he had received a Backpack and a starter kit for young pokemon trainers. It had lots of things including, a small portable stove, matches, a recipe book (for when Owen needed to cook with virtually no ingredients) and lots of other well needed equipment. But there was one present he had not opened, this was a small rectangular present. When Owen opened the present a small letter fell out of it. Owen picked it up and read it.

Dear Owen,

Thanks for all the work you did back
at the lab in Kanto, we miss you!
Professor Elm will give you a nice
pokemon to start your adventure,
maybe we will see each other again
some day!

From you dear friend,

Professor Oak.

PS. I heard you have a Poke Nav from your mother,
so makesure you tune into my radio station every day
and Elm will give you my phone number ring
me whenever you want.

Owen put down the letter and drew his attention back to the gift. It was a small rectangular metallic device. It was gloss black and on the top in silver righting was POKEDEX. When his mum saw what Owen had received she said
‘Ohh a pokedex!’
‘Mum, what is a pokedex?’ Owen inquired.
‘It’s a electronic encyclopaedia that records data on pokemon you see, look I used to have one when I was your age, I will show you how it works.’

About 20 minuets later Owen had packed his bag and was out the house. Owen lived in New Bark Town. A short while later Owen arrived at Professor Elm’s lab. Owen had talked to Professor Elm on only a few occasions. Owen looked up at the big modern lab, it was tall and a greyish colour. When Owen entered the lab he saw a few young adults in white cloaks rushing up and down doing work. He went up to Professor Elm who had brownish hair (though not a lot of it) he couldn’t have been over 35.
‘Professor Elm?’ The man, who had been hunched over a microscope jumped. ‘Oh sorry Professor!’ The professor turned around and laughed.
‘Don’t worry what was it? Owen! That’s it, don’t worry Owen it woke me up I’ve been awake all night studying evolution, but old Rowan’s got that all covered up well, he will probably beat me to whatever it is I’m supposed to find he always does the old so and so.’
Owen knew that Elm could talk for Johto but he never expected it to be this bad as he stood there blabbing on about how he was trying to find out why pokemon evolved. Owen had to take drastic action and but in.
‘Yes that’s very interesting.’ Owen said sarcastically but not so sarcastically that Elm could realise he was being sarcastic. ‘But I was here because you were going to give me a starter pokemon or something, that’s what I was told anyway.’
‘Ah yes, yes, of course come this way.’ Owen was led into a different room. It was a big room and there was three pokeballs on a round table.’ Professor Elm stood picked up all three pokeballs and tossed them into the air. A red beam shot out of all the balls and propelled the balls back into the table though they were rolling around violently. The red beams from the pokeballs made three separate shapes then dispersed. All three pokemon looked cute and strong. There was Totodile it looked like a small blue alligator it had 2 legs and 2 arms it had a tail with red spikes coming out of it and what looked like 2 yellow lines on it’s chest, it looked like a V. There was also Chikorita that was a small green pokemon, it looked a little like a dinosaur. It stood on four legs and had a leaf on the top of its head. And lastly Cindaquil it looked like a small bluish mouse with flames coming out its back. After Professor Elm had told Owen about all of the pokemon Owen decided to go with Totodile, he got his pokedex out of his back pocket, flipped open the lid and looked at the data on Totodile a mechanical voice saying
‘Totodile, the big jaw pokemon. Its well-developed jaws are powerful and capable of crushing anything. Even its trainer must be careful.’ Owen, bent down and looked at Totodile, and said
‘Wanna come with me, we can have a blast! And I’ll train you up big and strong.’ Totodile jumped up in the air then chanted
‘Totodile, Totodile.’ Then when he had calmed down, he nipped Owen on the arm affectionately. Owen and Totodile walked out of the lab, and out of New Bark Town, off to start there adventure together.
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Owen's Pokémon Adventure
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