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 Pokémon: Sabrina's Adventure!

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PostSubject: Pokémon: Sabrina's Adventure!   Mon Dec 22, 2008 5:34 am

Chapter 1: It Begins!

The alarm went off in Sabrina’s bedroom and without a second thought she was up and ready to go. Thirteen to day! Finally a teenager!
‘Mum! Dad!’ Sabrina shouted, Sabrina’s father came in the room. Panting like he had just run a marathon and his red hair all over the place
‘Happy birthday darling.’ Her dad cheered, and invited her to breakfast. When she was downstairs in the kitchen eating her toast, her mum came in to the room.
‘Happy birthday Sabrina.’ Said her mum, in a smooth voice. ‘It’s your big day, the start of your adventure, and I have a present for you. Her mum took off her brown backpack and put her hand in, and picked out an oval shaped object it was a pale blue colour.
‘Mum! It’s beautiful… What is it?’ Her dad now in the room with them wearing his cape and his belt with poke balls slotted in the designated holder for them obviously getting ready for a pokemon battle.
‘It’s a pokemon egg, from one of my pokemon.’
‘What one dad?’
‘Wow so it will hatch into a dratini, dad can I say thank you to dragonite.’
‘Course you can sweetie.’

Outside in the street and a bight sky Sabrina greeted dragonite, and hugged it farewell.
Packed ready and companied by the feeling of joy, she was off to the pokemon lab to get her pokemon.
‘Hello Sabrina.’ Said a middle aged man with a pikachu on his shoulder
‘Hello proffecor Ketchum’
‘Please call me Ash, now your starter pokemon. As you know your pokemon is more than a battle partner it’s a friend, and companion. You have to treat it like one to, show it respect and nothing can go wrong I know you can do it. Now you have 3 starters to pick from, Bulbasaur a grass type Charmander a fire type and Squirtle a water type.’
Sabrina looked at all of the pokemon, and decided what one she would have.
‘I will follow my mothers footsteps and choose the water type Squirtle.’
Ash passed her the pokeball and said
‘Good, now don’t loose too much time! Oh one more thing, this is a pokedex.’ Now holding a pink rectangular devise.
‘It records data on pokemon you see.’
‘Um ok thanks professor.’ Sabrina was gone, out of the lab and ready to start her journey.

Chapter 2

Stubborn Squirtle!

It was late morning and Sabrina had just reached the town of Kaleburn she had made good time but was nervous of meeting her new pokemon, until she spotted a river. Sabrina reached for her dark leather belt and picked up a small pokeball. Clicked the button to enlarge the ball and violently out stretched her arm and shouted
‘C’mon out Squirtle’ there was a red beam coming out from the ball, it formed a round shape then the beam disappeared and there was a Squirtle. Blue in colour, it had a shell on it’s back, and all it seemed to say was
‘Squirtle.’ Sabrina knew a lot about pokemon being the daughter of Elite 4 Lance and Cissy the water gym leader in the orange islands, but she was inexperienced at training a pokemon on her own.
Squirtle stood there and looked at Sabrina up and down.
‘Hello Squirtle I’m your new trainer.’ Squirtle took a deep breath in, puffed out it’s chest and charged at Sabrina engulfing itself in water it was incredibly fast. It his Sabrina square in the chest she let out a little cry and went flying. Sabrina was on the floor in a lot of pain stunned, she had never seen a pokemon attack a human before! There was a chuckle, she looked up to see an old woman standing there, tanned and wrinkled wearing a cream top and a pair of plain black trousers.
‘Now now now, let me guess, this is a new Squirtle and it’s attacked you for no reason?’ the old woman said.
‘How did you know?’
‘You’re in my garden and I was watching.’ Now the old lady mentioned it, Sabrina looked at the surroundings and sure to the lady’s word she was in a garden. She was embarrassed.
‘I’m sorry, I came in because I saw the river and I wanted to make a good impression with Squirtle I didn’t noticeit was in a garden.’ Sabrina apologised.
‘Don’t worry, besides I think I can help with that Squirtle.’ She said.
‘Really? How?’
‘I’m the gym leader here. My name is Kanda whats yours?’
‘Mine is Sabrina.’
‘And where are you from Sabrina?’
‘I was born in the orange islands, I live in Dragoton, my mum is Cissy and my dad is Lance from the Elite 4.’
‘Wow I didn’t see that one coming, well listen get up and put your Squirtle in it’s pokeball.’ Sabrina got up to see that Squirtle was in the river swimming up and down. She got his pokeball and outthrusted her arm,
‘Squirtle return.’ Sabrina looked down into her hand at the poke ball.
‘Ok, lets go inside, we should get to know eachother.’

Sabrina was sitting round a table with the Kanda, drinking tea and talking.
‘You see, Sabrina it doesn’t really matter what type of pokemon you trying to train, as long as you give it love and care, it will grow stronger.’ Sabrina knew Kanda was right.
‘See, you Squirtle probably wanted a experienced trainer all you have to show it is, you want to be it’s friend and care for it.’
‘I do though I told it I wanted to be its friend.’ Sabrina was getting emotional.
‘Yes but you need to show it. Words don’t mean much unless your pokemon trusts you and to show him or her that, you need to do something.’ Sabrina took the pokeball out of her belt and looked at it.
‘How about, I talk to him and let my pokemon talk to him’ Sabrina looked at Kanda.
‘How do you know it’s a boy?’ Sabrina inquired. Kanda chuckled.
‘Oh I just do, anyway shall we do this or what?’ Sabrina threw the pokeball and said ‘C’mon out Squirtle!’ And Kanda took her pokeball and shouted
‘Hey Blastoise heads up!’ The red beams came from both pokeballs, and formed to pokemon squirtle on the other side of the room and Blastoise near Kanda. Sabrina looked at Blastoise and Squirtle, Blastoise looked like a bigger version of Squirtle with 1 cannons coming out of its shell. Squirtle took a deep breath in but Kanda was too quick
‘Blastoise! Use protect on Sabrina’ Blastoise obeyed Kanda and made a green wall in front of Sabrina. Squirtle charged at Sabrina with enormous speed surrounding itself in water. Sabrina waited for the pain to come, but when she opened her eyes she saw Squirtle struggling at the green wall, and it clicked in her head. Protect was to protect the user from an attacking move.
‘STOP!’ Kanda shouted, amazing Squirtle obeyed. ‘Now, Squirtle this young girl is your trainer she wants to help you to train you and make you stronger and be your friend. She is also your master, you should obey her, if you don’t know happiness will come out of this on either side. I will tell my Blastoise to stop the protect if you promise to not attack us is that clear?’ Squirtle looked up at Sabrina and said
‘Squirtle’ In a way that everyone knew was yes.
‘Blastoise take down protect.’ Blastoise took down protect. ‘Now I think Sabrina want to talk to you.’ Squirtle came a bit closer to Sabrina.
‘Squirtle all I want to do is help you, be your friend, train you, we can be the best of friends what dya say?’ Squirtle shouted
‘Squirtle Squirtle Squirtle’ and jumped on Sabrina lap giving her a hug. Blastoise came closer and talked to Squirtle in such a language only pokemon could understand.
‘That went well, shall we go outside and start to train squirtle?’ Kanda said.
‘Sure thing!’ Sabrina replied.

Chapter three

Bad Boy Bullies And A Little Self Confidence!

‘Ok Squirtle’ Said Kanda ‘My Vaporeons ability is water absorb so when you attack it with a water attack it heals instead of harms. So you can train with Sabrina and no one will get hurt.’ They were outside, and were about to get started training when Sabrina felt a vibration in her back pocket of her blue jeans. She pulled out her pokedex. And opened it there was her mother and father looking at her at the bottem of the screen she almost screamed when they picture started talking.
‘Hello darling! How are you? Where are you? What have you been doing?’ Said her mum.
‘Mum? Dad? I thought this was supposed to record data on pokemon!’ Exclaimed Sabrina
‘It does dear and lots of other things to but you’ll find out soon enough.’ Her dad stated. ‘Where are you?’ Her mum asked.
‘I’m in Kaleburn, with a nice lady who helped me deal with my Squirtle.’
‘Squirtle! Is that the starter pokemon you got?’
‘Yes mum it attacked me when it came out of it’s pokeball it charged at me with water surrounding it, it was really fast and it hurt!’
‘Oh darling that sounds like aqua jet, it must be painful it’s a move that normally goes first because it’s so fast.’
‘I know Kanda told me, she is the one who helped me gain Squirtles trust. Hey Squirtle Come over here and say hello to my mum and dad.’ Squirtle dashed from where it was by the side of the lake and jumped on Sabrina’s shoulder.
‘My my that you are strong Squirtle aren’t you!’ Squirtle after this comment started posing for Sabrina’s parents.
‘Kanda, I haven’t seen her in a while she is the water gym leader there isn’t she?’
‘Yeah she is, anyway it’s nearly lunch and I’m going to train Squirtle so bye mum, dad I love you!’
‘Bye darling we love you to!’ and Sabrina clicked the ‘End Call’ button on the pokedex.
There was laughter behind her. She turned around to see, a three boys.
‘I love you mum!’ Said one of the boys with brown long hair down to his shoulders.
‘I love you to darling!’ Said the second. With spiked up red hair.
‘Pathetic’ said the last of the boys obviously the leader of the group he had brown hair spiked up and was wearing a red t-shirt and dark blue jeans. Kanda shouted at the boy with brown hair.
‘Go away Gary’
‘No, I challenge you two to a two on two battle you win I go away.’ Gary said.
‘Bring it on.’ Exclaimed Kanda and Sabrina at the same time.

They got into there positions, and were ready. Gary had picked the boy –who’s name was Dan- with the spiked up red hair. Sabrina turned to Kanda
‘I don’t think I can do it! It’s my first battle ever.’ Sabrina said
‘Don’t worry’ replied Kanda
‘I’m using Vaporeon, all pokemon have an ability it’s an effect they bring to the battle Vaporeons is water absorb when hit with a water attack it gets healed bear that in mind.’
‘What is Squirtle ability?’ Sabrina asked.
‘It’s torrent when it’s health gets low it’s water moves are more powerful.’
‘Now lets get this battle started.’ Gary shouted.
Kanda screamed
‘C’mon Vaporeon!’ And threw a pokeball, a fish like cat appeared with 4 legs and a round head appeared it had a tail that had a fin on the end and was covered in blue scales.
Sabrina checked her pokedex. A robotic voice stated.
‘Vaporeon The Bubble Jet pokemon, it lives close to water. Its long tail is ridged with a fin which is often mistaken for a mermaid's.’
‘Ok Squirtle get ready’ Squirtle was already out of its pokeball.Gary called out
‘Lets show them, Shinx’ And Dan shouted
‘Pulverise them Cacnea!’ What emerged Gary’s pokeball was a blue dog like pokemon with a ponted tail and a star on the end of it. And what emerged from Dan’s pokeball was a round green oval shaped pokemon that looked like a small cactus it had to arms with spikes. The pokedex’s data told Sabrina
‘Cacnea The Cactus pokemon by storing water in its body, this desert dweller can survive for 30 days without water. And for the dog like pokemon it said.
‘Shinx, The Flash pokemon. All of its fur dazzles if danger is sensed. It flees while the foe is momentarily blinded.’ Now the battle started Kanda made the first move.
‘Vaporeon, use hidden power on Shinx!’ Vaporeon jumped into the air and sent out lots of yellow sports rushing towards Shinx. Gary was ready
‘Shinx dash to the right and use thunderbolt’ Shinx dashed to the right dodging the attack that Vaporeon had sent, jumped into the air and let out a thunderbolt directly at Vaporeon. It hit the target, Vaporeon was falling fast.
‘Cacnea use absorb!’ Dan said, but in that moment Sabrina had an idea
‘Squitle use aqua jet on Vaporeon in the air’ Before Cacnea could use absorb squirtle had hit Vaporeon with such power it shot 20 feet into the air. I hope this works though Sabrina.
‘Using aqua jet on Vaporeon will replenish it’s health due to it’s ability!’ Kanda said. Sabrina was on a roll
‘Squirtle use the momentum of your fall and put it into a tackle on Shinx!’ Squirtle shaped it’s body and hit shinx side first hitting it with it’s shell. Making Shinx fly into a near by tree. Gary was shocked. Vaporion was falling but now looking stronger than ever had in the battle. But Cacnea hit it with absorb a green energy sucking the life out of Vaporeon! Vaporeon hit the ground, a second or two later it was back up on it’s feet.
‘Vaporeon use ice beam!’ Kanda shouted. Vaporeon opened it’s mouth and a beam of transparent light blue came out of Vaporeons mouth hitting Cacnea.
It was over both pokemon did not get up. Both Dan and Gary returned their pokemon and criticised them, then ran off the other boy following.
‘We did it Kanda we did it!’ Cheered Sabrina.
‘Yes we did you were brilliant Sabrina and you too Squirtle, not forgetting Vaporeon.
‘Squirtle come, return you deserve a rest you were awesome.’ Said Sabrina holding out her arm the pokeball in her hand.
‘Vaporeon you too. Sabrina stay in the spare bedroom for a few days while you train your Squirtle.’
‘I would love too.’ Said Sabrina.
‘See you can do it with a little self confidence.’

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PostSubject: Re: Pokémon: Sabrina's Adventure!   Mon Dec 22, 2008 11:57 am

U called her dad Drake on the first part on the 2nd chapter and when it came with Blastoise against squirtle i didnt understand it
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PostSubject: Re: Pokémon: Sabrina's Adventure!   Mon Dec 22, 2008 1:01 pm

Tom wrote:
U called her dad Drake on the first part on the 2nd chapter and when it came with Blastoise against squirtle i didnt understand it

Hey originally the dad was going to be Drake but i canged it to Lance, i don't know why i put Drake in there, sorry. And with the Blastoise Squirtle thing, Squirtle just didn't like Sabrina it was unsure on her, Blastoise knew protect so it used protect so Sabrina could talk to Squirtle and let him know she cared about him. Hope i helped!
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PostSubject: Re: Pokémon: Sabrina's Adventure!   

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Pokémon: Sabrina's Adventure!
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